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Flywing BELL-206 V3 Smart RC Helicopter High Simulation with GPS

Flywing BELL-206 V3 Smart RC Helicopter High Simulation with GPS

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Enhance your RC hobby with the Flywing BELL-206 V3 Smart RC Helicopter. This highly detailed model measures 720mm in length, 235mm in height, and 150mm in width, excluding the battery. It boasts a main rotor diameter of 810mm and a tail rotor diameter of 125mm. Powered by a 3508 brushless motor and a 60A ESC, it delivers impressive performance with efficient power configuration for 20+ minutes of flight time.

Equipped with GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo satellite positioning, it offers exceptional stability and precision. Enjoy multiple flight modes, including GPS mode, 3D manual mode, and semi-automatic assisted flight. Safety features include one-key return and low voltage return. Its modular design ensures easy maintenance and quick battery replacement. Experience smooth control with the high-precision remote control that supports third-party SBUS protocol for personalized use.

Technical Specifications:

  • Length (without blades): 720mm
  • Height: 235mm
  • Width: 150mm
  • Weight (excluding battery): 869g
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 810mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 125mm
  • Motor: 3508 brushless motor
  • ESC: 60A
  • Flight Time: 20+ minutes
  • GPS/GLONASS/Galileo positioning

We also carry the spare parts for Flywing BELL-206 and UH1 V3 Scale Helicopters, please send the item No. and qty if you need any:

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