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S810 1/16 2.4G Dodo RC Tricycle Motorcycle with LED Light & Spray Stunt Features

S810 1/16 2.4G Dodo RC Tricycle Motorcycle with LED Light & Spray Stunt Features

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S810 1/16 2.4G Dodo RC Tricycle Motorcycle LED Light Spray Stunt Vehicles Car Full Proportional High Speed Differential Models RTR Toys 

Basic information Item No:S810
Max Speed:22km/h
Power System

Motor:Mini brushed motor

Servo:9g steering servo

Transmitter Frequency:2.4G
Remote Distance:60m
Required Battery:2X AA battery(not included)
Battery Battery for the Car:3.7v 500mAh Li-ion battery(included)
Battery Charging Time:About 120 minutes
Battery Playing Time:Approx.25 minutes

Material:PA and electronic parts



Car Size:23.2*14.2*14.8cm

Box Size:26.5*16*21.5cm


Function:Forward,backward,turn left/right,front rear LED light,spray,differential,full proportional servo

Anti -collision -to -side tilt structure, excellent handling, front rear high stroke suspensions, 9G steering servo (extremely fast reaction speed) in front, rear wheels with differentials, front and rear lights, light spray, horn,simulation engine sounds, the internal simulation doll, the doll's head can be shaked, the speed is 22+ km/h

LED high lights,travel unimpeded at night
Real-time motor,power strong,track ability
Upgraded the carbon brush motor,high speed and high torque model motor
Stepless speed change 2.4G remote control,support muti-player compete together
Front and rear independent shock absorber spring
Digital steering gear, precise steering,proportional steering system
Light spray,simulated exhaust sound
Anti-slip and wear-resistant vacuum tyre
Equipped with racing props,paired with a dodo motorcycle,have fun together

Package Included:
1X RC Tricycle
1X Remote Controller
1X Battery
1X USB Charging Cable
1X Instruction Manual
1X Block Parts Bag
1X Spray Bottle
1X Screwdriver
Dodo RC CarRC Car Motor TricycleRc Car Motor Tricycle DoDo

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